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We are in the business of Digital Transformation

Pesa Print Ltd is a wholly owned Kenyan fin-tech company based in Nairobi. We are driven by the need to develop competent systems that enrich the value of service provision by our clients. We pride ourselves in providing innovative technological solutions that deliver digital transformation while creating practical and working ecosystems.Our state of the art high fidelity digital solutions have demonstrated a proven track record of efficiency in the fight against counterfeiting.

We believe that software should enhance your business which is why we work hand in hand with our clients to precisely identify their business needs, before harnessing our years of knowledge and expertise to craft a lasting digital transformation strategy that delivers on goals and objectives. With our forward-thinking approach to software development and bold, bespoke coding, we create tailored business solutions which drive efficiencies and inspire growth, while still allowing us to stay true to your business’ brand and identity.

We offer practical digital solutions to empower industry leaders.

Secure Document Printing 99%
Identity Management Solutions 95%
Card Management Solutions 97%

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