We are a professional software development company
pushing the boundaries of commerce through mobile
and web technologies.


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Our software solutions allow you and your clients to
seamlessly access data anywhere, anytime.


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All our software solutions are secured by blockchain technology
keep your data safe from fraudulent activities.


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Welcome to PesaPrint

We are a wholly owned Kenyan fin-tech company. Our core business is to provide innovative technology solutions that deliver digital transformation while creating practical and working ecosystems. Our state of the art high fidelity digital solutions have demonstrated a proven track record of efficiency in the fight against counterfeiting.


A simplified approach to
complex problems

We understand the complexities of software which is why we seek to make it
as seamless as possible for you to provide the best user experiences
to your clients.


Secure Document Printing

We offer data encryption services to prevent information from being intercepted during the print capture process.
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Identity Management Solutions

We develop transparent identity access management systems to help keep track of your enterprises access and privilege activity.
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Card Management Solutions

We develop card management systems for financial institutions to provide a centralised portal for transactions management and analytics.
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Technologies we use

Our Partners

We work hand in hand with our internationally accredited strategic partners
in technology, transaction switching, clearing and settlement.

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