Frequently asked questions

What is Pesa Print?
Pesa Print Limited is a Kenyan fin-tech company, set up with the following objectives:
(a) Customer: To be a solid partner for our customers and all stakeholders based on the integrity and competence of our people. We hold decades of experience and a track record for delivering results.
(b) Quality: We demand excellence, deliver on our promises and continuously search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for our customers and our stakeholders.
(c) Craft: We care about and are personally committed to what we do. This is especially in providing the best to our customers to ensure their success, and to the world we inhabit, in particular the communities and the environment in which we live and work
What does Pesa Print do?
Our core business is to provide innovative technology solutions that deliver digital transformation while creating practical and working ecosystems. Pesa Print provides state-of-the-Art high security digital solutions with a proven track record of efficiency in the fight against counterfeiting.
Is Pesa Print Kenyan?
Yes, we are Kenyan to the core. However, we collaborate with major global partners, majority of who are foreign owned with the goal of delivering only the best and latest technology to solve a variety of challenges that face businesses in Kenya both private sector and public sector. We ensure that our IT and fintech solutions are certified to the highest international standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) and EMV (EuroPay, Mastercard, Visa).
Is Pesa Print a financial institution?
No, we are not a financial institution and contrary to our name, we do not print money. Pesa Print operates in the fintech (financial technology) industry. Fintech is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services to the general public. This emerging industry uses technology to improve activities in finance. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing, borrowing services and dealing in cryptocurrency, are examples of technologies targeted towards making financial services more accessible to the general public.
The term blockchain is mentioned quite a lot in your forums. What is Blockchain?
In fintech, blockchain has emerged as the technology for the future. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that makes the history of a digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing. Blockchain technology is increasing in adoption globally due to its benefits in processing speed, data/transaction safety, security and privacy and immutability of records on its distributed ledger system. More than a decade has passed since the introduction of blockchain technology. Over that period, the projected benefits of blockchain technology to businesses and industries, has evolved from a cryptocurrency payment platform to something bigger, game-changing and disruptive.
What does “mobile transactions.completed” in Pesa Print logo mean?
That's our corporate slogan which is closely linked to our goal to deliver digital transformation. Global trends indicate that the mobile phone is by far the most significant and powerful gadget in the quest to achieve digital transformation in the lives of the peoples of the world. Pesa Print is committed to this dream and has made significant investments in Kenya to ensure that Kenya is not left behind.
What are some of the innovations of Pesa Print?
One of our brain-child which we are in the process of implementing is Kenya’s first smart driver’s license or electronic driver’s license (e-DL), which we are working on in liaison with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). To implement this, Pesa Print Limited set up a first of its kind industrial scale personalization bureau in Sub-Saharan Africa that uses laser color engraving technology to personalize all types of cards including polycarbonate cards for secure documents. The Pesa Print bureau also has capacity to do chip embedding allowing for capability to do local assembly of card and chip in the country. The solution comprises of state of the art enrolment system that provides a composite solution that captures all the details including biometric data with high quality throughput. Pesa Print also owns the following two patents: Patent Number 2013/001867 for Mobile Money Receipting. Patent Number 2014/002086 (Enabling magnetic strip cards for tap)
What is the vision of Pesa Print?
The Vision of Pesa Print is to be the premier public sector ICT services provider in Kenya through innovative timely and cost effective solutions. Our Mission is to strive to anticipate, package solutions for our clients, forming long-term relationships thus maximizing returns by providing simple relevant and cost-effective solutions
Why are most Pesa Print projects linked to the national government?
Our IT solutions are targeted to both private and public sector. Initially we have targeted the areas in our country where there is the greatest need for digital transformation that can affect the lives of the largest number of people, hence our active participation in the national government.
How can I do business with Pesa Print?
Pesa Print depends on supplies and services from other individuals and organizations in its goal to maintain a lean structure. These provide avenues where you can do business with Pesa Print depending on your business capability, skills and experience. These include:
(a) Special IT consultancy skills that are not present in-house such as product development.
(b) Sales and marketing consultancy.
(c) Advertising materials development.
(d) Supplies of office stationery and printing.
(e) Creative and graphic design services.
(f) Corporate give-away materials and gift items.
(g) Cleaning services