Our HR Policy

Our Human Resource Strategy

The overall Human Resource Strategy adopted by Pesa Print has continuously identified basic beliefs; defined or redefined
core values; analyzed the organization climate, analyzed the management style; planned and implemented the aspects of
culture; and developed desirable attitudes and values among members of staff. This Strategy has been geared towards:

  • Acquisition, Retention, Motivation and Development of human resources  required by the company
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Relations Strategy which will be concerned with members of staff relations within the company (communications, teamwork and commitment).
  • Corporate Culture: assessing the corporate culture to ensure that it aligns with the achievement of corporate strategy in an agile and constantly changing environment, that is competitive to conform to a culture that is conducive for business growth and sustainability.

HR Philosophy

The company’s objective is to deliver to customers, authentic and personalized services with value for their investment through exceptionally competent and motivated staff based on ethical practices, directed focus and targeted approach beyond the respective customers’ expectations.

The Human Resources Department aims to recruit, develop, motivate and retain a high performing and diverse talent and progressively foster a healthy, safe, and productive work environment for employees in order to maximize individual and
organizational potential and therefore position Pesa Print as an employer of choice. To this end, the company’s HR Philosophy:

  1. Encourages and supports managers and members of staff in using their innovative skills and personal initiatives to continuously improve the quality of their operations whilst observing company policies.
  2. Provides good working conditions to all members of staff
  3. Ensures and maintains an effective chain of communication at all managerial and operational levels
  4. Develops a better understanding and harmonious employer-employee relationships
  5. Inculcates ownership and members of staff involvement in decision making.
  6. Trains, develops and encourages rise in career ladder from within the company based on merit and ability.
  7. Encourages members of staff to act with integrity at all times and to maintain a proper sense of responsibility towards the public.
  8. Recognizes the importance and the efforts of each and every members of staff who contributes towards company objectives.


Pesa Print takes pride in sourcing, recruiting and retaining quality talent of members of staff, who are committed to serving their customers by offering superior customer service that differentiates the company from its competitors and along with its members of staff forms the foundation of the company’s success. The company is keen on people management principles and
associated responsibilities that play a great role in enhancing members of staff morale and performance. The aim being to foster a working atmosphere that enhances the attraction and retention of members of staff committed to sharing in the success of the company. In ensuring good business sense and in extending courtesy and respect to its members of staff, the management at Pesa Print sets a positive model for its members of staff to emulate. Accordingly, the company commits itself to maintaining a welcoming environment for all people and seek to employ individuals who are qualified for the various job roles and are committed to contribute to the mission, vision and objectives of the company through participatory processes that encourage ownership and sense of belonging.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Pesa Print is dedicated to intellectual excellence and adherence to the business code of conduct and ethics that serves as the basis for all employment and business conduct with the company. Further, the company recognizes the essential contribution that a diverse community of members of staff makes to the advancement of its goals and ideals in an atmosphere of respect for one another and for the company's mission and vision. Pesa Print is an equal employment opportunity (EEO) employer committed to diversity and gender equity.

Career Openings

On all open positions, the company encourages interested but qualified job-seekers to apply via the provided link. However, due to the enormous number of applications received, the HR Department endeavors to respond to each application but only shortlisted candidates are usually contacted. Further, the company does not charge any fee for job applications/interviews and as such job-seekers must take caution and be wary of con-persons who take advantage of job-postings. For any clarifications, job seekers are advised to contact the HR Department without delay via email or contacts provided on the company website.

Legal Compliance

Pesa Print, as a responsible employer, continues to respect and be guided by legal provisions as founded in the Employment Act and other relevant Statutory and Employment Laws.